Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things My Dad has Taught Me

I've learned a lot from my dad. My dad is smart and wise and humble. I won't bother getting into petty arguments about who's dad is bigger or stronger or smarter, because it's honestly no use. My dad is simply the best. And I'm sure your dad is too; that's what makes them "dads". They're radical just by nature. They always ranked right above our favorite super hero as far as admiration and shear awesomeness; because they were right there and we could see and experience them much more than the Ninja Turtles or Spiderman or He-Man. It's almost as if we are born and immediately know that there's no one better than dad. Unfortunately, I know that for many, that as time goes by experience proves otherwise. For some it becomes that there's no one worse than dad. I sincerely believe that dad's have the power to make or break a child, moreso than moms because by nature fathers are more authoritative and therefore demand more respect and we try harder to please them. They are the image of certainty and protection and refuge, but when we don't experience that side of them as a child, that image is skewed and damaged. "As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord God has compassion on those who fear Him." (Psalm 103:13) Without compassion and love, dad's do not fulfill their God-ordained design.
I am blessed with a wonderful father. As a kid and still to this day, my dad is the my #1 hero. But especially when I was young. I mean, my dad could throw the football so far! Seriously, for miles it seemed! And he could throw the baseball so fast! Like, probably 100 mph! And my dad was the funnest dad ever because he would play freeze tag and jump on the trampoline literally all day long! And...he knew everything, about everything!
I still hold my dad with much esteem and he's still way better than me at pretty much everything, and that's what makes him all the more my dad. And even when he gets old and can't beat me at those things, I'll still know that he taught me about 96% of the things I know.
This is by no means an exhaustive list nor is it in order of importance—I plan on learning much more from my dad because he has much more to teach me and many more years to live. Lord willing, I will pass along these lessons to my children. I hope this stirs you to think about all the things your dad has taught you and to be thankful for him. I am so blessed by my dad and am thankful to the Lord for him and everything he has taught me.
So without further ado, here are just a few things my dad has taught me:

How to ride a bike
How to chew sunflower seeds
How to brush my teeth
How to do a summersault
How to throw a curveball
How to hit a baseball
How to throw a spiral
How to cross a basketball between my legs
That losing isn’t all that big of a deal
How to do a lay-up
How to use a piece of bread as a utensil
How to make a meal out of anything in the fridge
How to grill a steak
How to plant a flower
How to use a leaf blower
How to mow a lawn
How to start a fire
How NOT to chop wood
How to play “guys”
How to fix “just about anything” with electrical tape
How to balance a Christmas tree stand with plywood and various other household objects
To fear not because of evil doers in the way
How to read the Bible
How to write a sermon
What to do when you visit someone in the hospital
How to talk to a child
That making good friends is of the utmost importance
How to change the oil on my car
How to change a flat tire
How to pray
How to buy gifts for my future wife
About the “birds and the bees”
How to treat my mother
How to predict the end of most movies within the first 15 minutes (he’s still way better at it than I am)
How to make a farting noise with my mouth
How to do my taxes
How to tie a tie
How to be patient
That some people require extra grace
To never trust a chiropractor
Various ways to “stick it to the Man”
That “sticking it to the Man” is always the best way to go
How to bait a hook
How to clean a fish
How to swing a golf club
How to bodysurf
How to get yourself out of a “pickle” in baseball
How to “box” someone out to get a rebound
How to bargain with people for products
How to pick weeds
How to catch a troublesome gopher
How to make a toy gun out of PVC pipe
How to find a hole in your bicycle tire
How to do Algebra
How to create a nickname for anyone I meet
How to create non-words and/or shortened versions of actual words (actual examples: Tree McGee, Chillin McGillin, Vay-Kay, S-Bag, etc.)
The importance of naps
That driving 5-10 mph under the speed limit on your day off is totally fine because “there’s no need to rush”
That you increase your chances of getting something 83% or sometimes 84% if you ask
How to spot a “pot of croc” a mile away
That “starting the process clarifies the calling”
The importance of being honest during a conflict and never surrendering just for the sake of ending the conflict
That cars kill more people every year than guns do
How to drive a car with a manual transmission
How to parallel park a car
How to make a milkshake by mixing milk with your ice cream
That Oreos and most other chocolate candies are best served frozen
That “extra brains” can be a proper excuse for any physical abnormality
That singing songs around the house at the top of your lungs is really awesome
That cars are a necessary evil
Righty tighty. Lefty loosey (except on plumbing)
The importance of having a good level

However, the best thing my dad has taught me isn’t even something that he told me, it’s something that I've learned just from having him in my life, and that is that the one of the best gifts God can give you is a father who loves and supports you.
Happy Father's Day, Dad Rad Fad Sad Mad Rad Lad

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  1. Monkey Brains are the secret ingredient to make any food taste better
    To do our best for the Lord today, because he's worth it
    OJ went free (ie. Life isn't fair)
    The silver lining to almost anything is that it's better than a kick in the head
    When you can't get something to work you usually just need to talk to it
    It's better to be a Solomon than a Samson
    We are not Shelly, so we pray before we eat
    If you can cut the mold off, it's still ok to eat
    If you wrap anything in a tortilla it is a valid dinner entree
    It's what's on the INSIDE that counts

    Well said Bryce...I echo everything you said. I am so grateful for the Father than we had! Very few people are as blessed as we are to have two amazing parents. Thanks for putting it into such beautiful words. :)