Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick product plug

I love Whiskey. More specifically, I love Scotch Whiskey. American Whiskey (Bourbon) is my second favorite, but nothing comes close to Scotch in my personal opinion. I enjoy Scotch not for the sake of getting drunk, but simply for the taste. The smooth, syrupy texture at the entry with a bite on the tongue as it washes down. I feel intelligent and refined when I drink Scotch, the way it swirls in the tumbler and then rests, looking like amber colored glass. Intelligent people drink Scotch, so it makes sense to me that I should relish it's exquisite and complex flavors. Another reason I enjoy Scotch is simply because I just feel cool while drinking it, and I'm confident that I look really cool as well. I've gotten super hooked on the AMC show Mad Men. The guys on the show drink whiskey non-stop and they all look really cool, so I'm sure I do to. I received my first bottle of Scotch as a graduation gift from my brother Shaun. Ever since then I've been interested in the beverage, trying a new brand every chance I got. I've always enjoyed Scotch "on the rocks" with one or two ice cubes and have never really thought of trying it any other way, even though it displeases me that the ice dilutes the flavor. However, my problem was solved about 6 months ago when I took a trip to see my wife on her lunch break at Barnes & Noble. She was late getting on her lunch so I cruised over the magazine section to check out the latest issue of Surfing Mag. While on my way up the isle, a men's fashion magazine popped out at me because my careful eye caught the word "whiskey". I stopped short and looked closer. The title of the treasured article that would forever change the way I consume my favorite liquor was "How to Make Whiskey Better". I quickly consulted the index and found the correct page number. Among the tips, most of which I found to be quite helpful, was the advice to stop using ice to cool your whiskey, but instead to use "whiskey stones". They are exactly what they sound like: stones or rocks that will hold a cold temperature but that won't dilute the whiskey. Genius, yes? Yes! The ones the article recommended were made out of soap-stone, a soft stone mined in the Northeastern US, soft enough that it won't scratch your tumbler but hard enough that you can't brake it if dropped. You cool these little cubes of stone in your freezer overnight, then just drop a couple in your glass, and BOOM! You've got yourself a Grade A cocktail. The whiskey is just cool enough to enjoy properly. Anyways, my wife was super awesome and got them for me as a Christmas gift and I can't stop raving about them. Even more insane is that my sister got some whiskey stones for her husband for Christmas too! The ones she got were made by Johnny Walker and are made out of a different type of stone, but they still work great. Anyways, if you're into whiskey and are looking for a way to enjoy it more, I would highly suggest getting some of these. Here's the link for mine:

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